"Thule" means the borders of the known world and refers to the northern most habitable places on earth: Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Thule Trails offer all sorts of tours and travel tips for those wanting to visit those countries. 

Running specialists 

Thule Trails offers running tours and services for people that like to exercise and enjoy nature at the
same time. While you are on the go you get to explore the environment and our tours make sure that
you enjoy the best of each season. 


Thule Trails specializes in combining running and traveling for people who have integrated running
to their lifestyle and want to experience what Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands have to offer.
Our guides are some of the most experienced runners in Iceland and frequently take part in trail
running events and longer running tours. With our wide selection of running tours, from demanding
or strenuous runs with 20 - 35 km per day or moderate runs with 5 - 10km per day, all runners
should find something that suits them for travelling around Iceland, Greenland
and the Faroe Islands.