greenland west and east running

8 day running tour in west and east Greenland where the mountains are some of the oldest in the world, up to 3,9 billion years old. Thousands of years ago the giant ice sheet covered all of Greenland. Now just 19% of the sheet has vanished but leaving wide fjords and deep valleys carved out of hard rock and surrounded by tall, sharp mountains like those on a kids drawing. Discover how the settlements are changing from being very traditional to be more modern and globalized. 


August 9th - 16th 2016 - full !

July 10th - 17th 2017



D1: Fly from Reykjavík the capital of Iceland to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland situated on the west coast. After settling in in our guesthouse we have a run to the outskirts of Nuuk and the mountains behind the town. 
Running: 10-12 km

D2: We head out from our guesthouse in Nuuk with the running shoes on and ready for running up the mountains in the surroundings. From the mountain ridges and tops it is possible to get a great view over the area. The Nuuk Icefjord is packed with icebergs floating from the inland icecap.
Running: 20 km

D3: Short flight today from Nuuk to the town of Kangerlussuaq located a bit further north in Greenland. While luggage gets transported from the town to our campsite by a lake we run into the wilderness beneath the Greenland ice cap. 
Running: 15 - 20 km

D4: The whole day is spent out and about exploring the surroundings of the lake and it's wildlife. We might have the opportunity to see a Musk Ox on our run as this is their homeland. We run to a view point to get a great view to the Greenland ice cap before heading back to the campsite via another route. 
Running: 20 km

D5: We run to the town of Kangerlussuaq and explore the town before we fly to the East coast of Greenland via Nuuk. The airport on the East coast is on the island of Kulusuk and there we will get settled in our guesthouse and have a relaxing rest day with a short visit to the town. 
Rest day

D6: We get a boat transfer over to the Ammassalik island where the town of Tasiilaq can be found, the biggest settlement in the East. We run around one of the beautiful lakes which can be reached on foot and get back to the town of Tasiilaq where we spend the night. 
Running: 20 km

D7: The day starts with a boat ride to a place called "the Sand beach" which is up the Sermilik fjord which is packed with icebergs coming down from the icecap. This is where our run of the day starts, with a bit of technical uphill hiking and then slowly descending running passed lakes and through valleys on our route to the town of Tasiilaq. 
Running: 20 km

D8: We take the boat back to Kulusuk early morning, get our luggage to the airport and while we wait for our flight we go for an 18 km run up to the ancient radar station at the island. It is very common up there to get the feeling that you are at the end of the world as the North Atlantic ocean is to be seen as far as you can see. We head back down to the airport and catch our flight back to Reykjavík in the afternoon.
Running: 18 km


Included: flights from Reykjavík - Nuuk, Nuuk - Kangerlussuaq, Kangerlussuaq - Kulusuk, Kulusuk - Reykjavík. Full board during your stay in Greenland including introduction to local cuisine, running guide, maps of the areas visited, boat transfers. 

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