experience greenland running


Dates: 14th - 17th of July 2017

3rd - 6th of August 2017

Get the benefits from the unforgettable feeling of being the last person on the planet. You will feel small in this world because you will be surrounded by either huge jagged mountains or colossal icebergs. Kulusuk is a place in change.  A village for who hunting and fishing is still a way of life but where the airport acts as a Gateway to East Greenland. Nearby the run way Isikajia Mountain lays. From the top you will be guaranteed a great view of the Denmark Strait and Ammassalik Island.  Ammassalik is bigger and is housing many mountains, a sand beach from a small glacier in withdrawal, 2.000 inhabitants, wildlife and loads of adventure. From the top of Mt. Seaman you will have a look out over King Oscar’s Harbor. The terrain varies from being soft tundra or sandy dirt to boulder rocks or smaller mountain fragments that will keep your mind running when your feet are moving. To be in a place where nobody has ever set foot is a privilege.



D1: We fly from Reykjavík to Kulusuk and get a boat transfer to Tasiilaq. Once there and settled in our guesthouse, we run up Mt. Seaman (679m) and run back through the flower valley. After the run we get the chance to explore the town. Accommodation in a hotel.
Distance: 7-9 km

D2: This day starts with a boat transfer to a sand beach situated on the west coast of Ammassalik island. We start by hiking up the mountains of the Sermilik vejen, passing by Mittivakkat Glacier. The running starts when we´ve passed the first lake after 1 hours hike. We run along Lake 168 in sand and crossing many river streams. The last kilometers of today’s route are on one of very few gravel roads in East Greenland, which leads us to Tasiilaq. Accommodation in a hotel.
Distance: 13-16 km

D3: This day also starts with a boat transfer, across the fjord towards Lake Qorlortoq. We start by hiking and running off trail at one side of the lake until we reach a trail to follow and run around the whole lake and all the way back to Tasiilaq. Note: there is a big river to be crossed on this route. Accommodation in a hotel.
Distance: 17-20 km

D4: This day starts with a boat transfer to Kulusuk. We run up a gravel road to Dye 4, which contains an old American radio transmitter and receiver that was used to warn against enemy airplanes. When we get down from Dye 4 we go to Kulusuk village before catching our flight back to Reykjavík domestic airport where our tour ends.
Distance: 16-19 kilometers


Included: boat transfers, full board (except breakfast on day 1 and dinner on day 4), local running guide, accommodation in a hotel for 3 nights.