Trail running icelandic highlights

Middle of nowhere

4 days

Accommodation in mountain huts

15 - 25 km each day

laugavegur trail run in 2 days

Most popular hiking trail in Iceland

2 days

Accommodation in mountain hut

25-35 km each day

Dettifoss trail run 

National parks and nature reserve

3 days

Accommodation in tents

15-35 km each day

day tour Reykjavík

hot spring valley daytour


Faroe Islands

faroe islands running



Sailboat and running in greenland

greenland west & east

running and sailboat adventure

Hornstrandir nature reserve

6 days

Accommodation & transportation in a sailboat

15 - 30 km each day

Iceland on the run

Highlights of Iceland

4 days

Accommodation in hotels

10-20 km each day

tenerife æfingaferð


winter running iceland































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