Become fearless running

Inga Fanney the founder and general manager of Thule Trails also started a running club in Akureyri North Iceland in the beginning of the year. The running club is called 261 Iceland and holds the name of the 261 Fearless movement founded by Kathrine Switzer the first woman to finish the Boston marathon in 1967. She has launched a movement to encourage women to get together and run.  Inga Fanney is a 261 ambassador and head of 261 movement in Scandinavia you can have a look at 261 Iceland website here and Inga Fanney also has her own blog (sometimes in English, sometimes Icelandic) here

For the women out there that are coming to Scandinavia for a visit or a longer stay, you can be in touch with 

If you happen to be in Akureyri North Iceland on Wednesdays, we meet up by the local swimming pool at 12:00 ready and dressed to run. 

Happy running!