Running for everyone

I find it a huge misunderstanding that one has to be a very fit ultra runner to be able to explore a new country via running. Come to think of it, one can become fit and a better runner by exploring a country running. 

Of course you don't go trail running all of a sudden. You start hiking trails or start road running, even cross country running, then little by little discover the new world of trail and reach the trail running sport. We are all unique individuals and different from one another. We also come from different countries and regions, religions and habits. We grow up with different circumstances and societies. But runners get together in the runners world. Where you are from, what you do or what you are struggling with doesn't matter any more, we are all runners. 

Thule Trails is a travel agency which brings runners from around the world together and offers them a unique opportunity to explore Iceland running and share that experience with a fellow runner.