arctic backcountry skiing

This trip is a true Arctic Expedition to the beautiful Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in the West Fjords of Iceland—only a few miles from the Arctic Circle. We focus on backcountry skiing between the remote fjords, anchoring in a different anchorage each night. Many of the mountains and ridges have never been skied before and our guides are always looking for nice first descents. There is a diversity of slope grades, and we will plan our routes to fit people of all backcountry touring abilities and interests. Most people use AT (randonnée) or Telemark skis, but snowboards, cross-country skis or snowshoes can be used as well. While we usually spend about 6-8 hours in the mountains each day, for those who prefer shorter days, individuals can simply ski down to the anchored boat when they so choose. While the season is primetime for skiing, we will still carry a few kayaks and SUP ́s on the yacht for those eager or interested in taking a break from skiing and doing some paddling as well


29th of February - 5th of March 2016

20th of March - 25th of March 2016

18th - 23rd of April 2016


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